Artists : Jae Huh, Jae Hyung Park, Hanbin Kang, Somin Kim, Seungbae Kim

KAKAO FRIENDS CONCEPT MUSEUM Seoul is pleased to present <Musée de KAKAO FRIENDS> from 15th December 2017 to 27th May 2018 to show the limitless potential of Kakao Friends where characters meet art. For the second exhibition, we have teamed up with Daelim Museum that is renowned for an exhibition suggesting trendy lifestyle to offer more diverse experiences of Kakao Friends.

The exhibition is comprised of seven sections with the unique art works employing Ryan, Muzi, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube, Jay-G, and Con created in collaboration with the artists of different genres including photography, graphics, sculpture, and others. Through the transformation process of these characters that are so familiar with in our everyday lives and loved all over the world into the form of Kitsch aesthetic, the exhibition attempts to introduce Kakao Friends as cultural icons.

With the recent development of digital technology which has enabled the easy duplication, the parody culture based on witty ideas and extraordinary imagination have emerged not only in art but also in political and social fields. By reinterpreting the original or classical art works, the parody culture goes beyond the notion of satire and humour and evokes inspiration in many ways. This exhibition tries to transform art that is considered hard to understand into popular culture that everyone can enjoy. <Musée de KAKAO FRIENDS> provides an opportunity to see the charming eight characters that have become a part of our everyday lives in a new perspective through the merge of Kakao Friends and parody culture.